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Franz Beckenbauer Astro Finance Map

The Uranus ASC line 


One of the Greatest Footballers of All Time Franz Beckenbauer, Born September 11th 1946 at 23.06pm in Munich, Germany. When we look over Franz home town of Munich, we have the Uranus ASC line and also the Venus IC line, Venus (Success) and Uranus (Worldwide Fame).
European Footballer of the Year Twice, 3 World Cups and 102 Caps for Germany, and a very successful managerial career with Bayern Munich.


If we zoom a little closer over Munich we have Uranus ASC and also Venus IC

Uranus on the Relocated Ascendant
Planets in specific areas of your Astro Map provide their energy vibration whether you visit or reside there. Uranus provides surprises combined with a strong urge for freedom of expression. You may find unusual circumstances that will enlighten you in unexpected ways, and that will enliven your experience in this place and the surrounding territory. 
With Uranus on the Ascendant, this location highlights your sense of individuality and your need for freedom. Here you may find the chance to become an explorer, an inventor or an innovator. Change and variety could become the spice of your life. Whether you decide to soar off on your own tangent or gather with others who share your particular and unique sense of mission, it serves you and the world to give yourself a lot of room to move when you are here. The urge for constant change, independence and the sense of detachment that may arise within you in this location can frustrate or confuse those around you, and may make even you a little uneasy at times. You could benefit from learning practices that help balance your energy. On the plus side, this is the place for you to innovate and to break new ground, in the life of society around you, and in your own. If you are looking for a breakthrough, this may be the spot for you! 


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