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Lesson 5

Planets in Astrology

We have introduced the Sun and the Moon in Lessons 3 and 4, now the fun begins as we add more planets to the Zodiac charts, the planets will be split into categories, depending on how fast they move around the Zodiac each year or years. Depending on the planet involved. We will endeavour to provide a short description of each planet, whilst this descriptions are not fully complete. The main thing to take from this Lesson  is the different qualities a Planet can take on, and how fast they move around the zodiac and know the difference between a Saturn and Venus qualities in any given chart. We will initially just concentrate on 18 Planets, which will be enough for any beginner to get their head around, more planets will be added in the Advanced Lessons.

We will at some stage devote a whole page to each of the 18 planets listed and some of the other 38 planets listed below.

Please bear in mind whilst each planet moves through the Zodiac Signs, it takes a few of their qualities.

For example the Moon in Aries would brash, impulsive and very energetic. The Moon in Capricorn would be Organised, practical and business like. See Lesson 2

Please Note Personal interpretations of the Planets for a horoscope and Financial interpretations of the planets  that effect the markets share some similarities, but also can be very different.
For example Ceres, Eris and Neptune


Planet    Time to travel a full 360 degrees of Zodiac, Brief description

The Moon     29 days  Rules the emotions and moods, subconscious mind, intuition, emotional needs and how these are met

The Sun    1 year   Inner pride, confidence your identity, the me me Planet,  with special attention paid towards oneself..

Mercury Planet     1 year All forms of Communications, texts, letters, chit chat and deep conversations. Mind intelligence.

Venus Planet     1 year Favourite places, people and things, beauty, senses, money and finances

Mars Planet     2 years The energy that makes you brave and strong, muscles, assertion and how its used, negative tendencies can be accident prone!

Ceres Asteroid     4 years Important financial planet, nurturing and earth products

Pallas Asteroid     4 years Similar qualities to Mars with persistence

Juno  Asteroid     4 years Mixture of Sexual planets/marriage/Saturn qualities… very different when active in the Financial markets.

Vesta  Asteroid     4 years Similar qualites to Uranus, with a touch of luck

Jupiter Planet     12 years Abundance and Growth, over indulgent certainly lucky times to be had

Lune Mean Node     18 years How you relate to the public, large groups and karmic issues.

Saturn Planet     30 years Restrictions, rules, boundaries, low energies, bad luck, take a break and clean the car!

Chiron Centaur      51 years Mixture of wounded healer and your career, marriage …very different when active in the Financial markets.

Uranus Planet     84 years Unexpected, last minute changes, computers, tattoos, genius and inventions

Neptune Planet     165 years Nostalgia and dreamlike, confusion, good for artists, stay away from addictions of any sort

Pluto Dwarf Planet     248 years Sex, reincarnation, regeneration and rejuvenation, big business, expect to transform. Obsessive desires

Eris Dwarf Planet     557 years Similar to Jupiter, with a touch of Mars,  less luck but more excellence, the best you can be or want to achieve.

Sedna  Dwarf Planet     11,809 years Similar to Saturn, but also corruption, deceit, dishonesty and sexual promiscuity


To see how the planets move around the Zodiac, we have used as an example The Facebook IPO Birthchart  (the first Trade on the New York Stock Exchange of Facebook's shares) of 11.00am 18th May 2012, New York, any person or event born at this exact time and place would share this same chart.

18th May 2012 We have the Sun at 28 degrees Taurus, Moon at 2 degrees Taurus, Mercury at 17 degrees Taurus, Venus at 23 degrees Gemini (Communication!) , Mars at 9 degrees Virgo,  Ceres at 15 degrees Taurus,  Pallas at  0 degrees Aries, Juno at 29 degrees Scorpio, Vesta at 8 degrees Taurus,  Jupiter at 24 degrees Taurus, Lune mean Node at 5 degrees Sagittarius,  Saturn at 23 degrees Libra, Chiron at 9 degrees Pisces, Uranus at 7 degrees Aries, Neptune at 3 degrees Pisces, Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn,  Eris at 22 degrees Aries, Sedna at 23 degrees Taurus.

6 months later on 18th November 2012
The Sun has moved 180 degrees to 26 degrees Scorpio, The Moon has been around  the zodiac 5 times at 1 degrees Aquarius, Mercury has moved 180 degrees to 24 degrees Scorpio, Venus has 150 degrees to 25 degrees Libra, Mars has moved 120 degrees to 1 degrees Capricorn, Ceres has moved  45 degrees to 2 degrees Cancer, Pallas has moved backwards or retrograde to 22 degrees Pisces, Juno has Moved less than a sign to 19 degrees Sagittarius, Vesta has moved less than a sign to 22 degrees Gemini, Jupiter has moved less than a sign to 13 degrees Gemini, The Lune mean Node has moved backwards to 25 degrees Scorpio, Saturn has moved into the next sign at 5 degrees Scorpio, Chiron has moved backwards or retrograde to 5 degrees Pisces, Uranus has moved back or retrograde to 4 degrees Aries, Neptune has moved backwards or retrograde to 0 degrees Pisces, Pluto has moved backwards or retrograde to 7 degrees Capricorn, Eris has moved back wards or retrograde a degree to 21 degrees Aries, Sedna has moved less than a degree to 23 Taurus.

12 Months later on May 18th 2013 and Facebook's 1st Solar Return, the Sun is back to 27 degrees Gemini, The Moon at 2 degrees Virgo, Mercury at 17 degrees Taurus, Venus  at 23 Degrees Gemini, Mars  at 20 degrees Taurus, Ceres at 15 degrees cancer, Pallas at 24 degrees Taurus, Juno at 16 degrees Aquarius, Vesta at 9 degrees Cancer, Jupiter at 21 degrees Gemini, Lune Mean Node 16 degrees Scorpio, Saturn at  6 degrees Scorpio,  Chiron at 13 degrees Pisces, Uranus at 11 degrees Aries, Neptune at 5 degrees Pisces, Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn, Eris at 22 degrees Aries, Sedna at 23 degrees Taurus.

2 Years later on May 18th 2014 and Facebook's second solar Return the Sun is at  27 degrees Gemini, The Moon at 18 degrees Capricorn, Mercury at 18 degrees Gemini, Venus  at 17 Degrees Aries, Mars  at  degrees Libra, Ceres at 19 degrees Libra, Pallas at 0 Virgo degrees Taurus, Juno at 12 degrees Taurus, Vesta at 16 degrees Libra , Jupiter at 17 degrees Cancer, Lune Mean Node 27 degrees Libra, Saturn at  19 degrees Scorpio,  Chiron at 17 degrees Pisces, Uranus at 14 degrees Aries, Neptune at 7 degrees Pisces, Pluto at 13 degrees Capricorn, Eris at 22 degrees Aries, Sedna at 24 degrees Taurus


So to summarize in 2 years

The Sun has completed 2 complete Zodiacs
The Moon has completed a full Zodiac every 29 days
Mercury has completed just under 2 full Zodiacs
Venus  has completed just under 2 full Zodiacs
Mars has nearly completed a full Zodiac
Ceres has moved round 5 signs
Pallas has moved round 5 signs
Juno has moved round 5 signs
Vesta has moved round 5 signs
Jupiter has moved less than a sign
lune Mean Node has moved backwards just over 1 sign
Saturn has moved less than a sign
Chiron has moved 8 degrees
Uranus has moved 7 degrees
Neptune has moved 4 degrees
Pluto has moved 4 degrees
Eris has moved less than a degree
Sedna has moved less than a degree


Facebook IPO Birthchart



6 Months Later


Facebook's Solar return




     Facebook's Second Birthday











More Planets

To follow 
 Astraea, Flora, Hebe, Iris,  Hygiea, Interamnia, Pandora, Hermes, Sappho, Eros, Hidalgo
Pholus, Nessus, Hylonome, Asbolus, Chariklo,
Trans Neptunians
Chaos, Varune, Ixion, Quaqoar, Makemake, Orcus, Tc302, Snow White, Aw 197
Cupido, Hades, Zeus, kronos, Apollon, Admetus, Vulkanus, Poseidon

 Moving Stars


Lesson 6 Aspects


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