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The Three Astrological steps to Financial Freedom


Step 1 Know the direction the Markets are heading,  with one of the top Financial Astrologers on the Planet for just over a $1 a day!

Step 2 Trade only when your planetary aspects are positive

Step 3 Create a relationship with a compatible indices or currency or commodity

Step 1 To Financial Freedom. Know the direction the Markets are heading with one of the top Financial Astrologers on the Planet, we recommend the following two Financial Astrologers


2013 Annual forecast book, forecasting gain
Note that all the below forecasted HIGH and LOW dates have already been published in December 2012

  S&P 500 DAX 4pm NYSE close, CFD data
December 31 Low 1426   7616      
January 4 High 1466 40 7776 160    
January 15 Low 1472 -6 7694 82    
January 25 High 1503 31 7871 177    
February 25 Low 1487 16 7635 236    
March 4 High 1525 38 7732 97    
March 8 Low 1551 -26 7990 -258    
March 20 High 1558 7 7995 5    
March 28 Low 1569 -11 7824 171    
May 7 Close 1625 56 8185 361    
Total gain in points 145   1031    
Buy and Hold strategy 199   569    



1) Bi-Weekly Rosecast Market Timing for Stock Indices  including S&P Dax, Euro and   limited commentary on Gold                                   
(features Timer Digest Signals for Stocks and Gold,




Financial Cycles Weekly


Proven Performance of the only breakthrough astro-trading program that has a decade-long track record of 35% ROI


DJIA S&P 500 FinancialCyclesWeekly
2002 -16.76% 22.10% 50.96%
2003 25.32% 26.68% 51.72%
2004 3.25% 10.88% 48.91%
2005 -0.61% 4.91% 14.99%
2006 16.29% 15.79% 9.88%
2007 6.43% 5.49% 17.30%
2008 -33.84% -37.00% 46.33%
2009 18.82% 26.43% 53.30%
2010 11.02% 15.06% 29.15%
2011 5.53% 0.00% 33.65%
2012 7.26% 13.41% 30.35%
Yrly Avg 3.88% 5.41% 35.14%

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 FOREX & Precious Metals  First-Trade Charts
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Financial Cycles Weekly

Step 2  To Financial Freedom. Trade only when your planetary aspects are positive. You can gain an unfair advantage if you only trade when your Planets are aligned positively. It is common knowledge that you cannot win when you are having  a negative aspect from Saturn. You can purchase Rosecast scientific Gold for $199, this will enable you to run as many natal reports as you wish for any time frame. We can also offer you a 6 month Transit report and exact aspect times without interpretations for $10. You can get the enhanced version for 6 months with interpretations and exact aspect times for $15.

Step 3  To Financial Freedom. Create a relationship with a compatible indices or currency or commodity. With a vast amount of indices available to trade, as I am sure you are aware each Indice has a unique birthchart, if you are compatible with that birthchart you can have trading success on that indice. If you are incompatible you will rarely pick a winning entry and exit point. We can also provide a compatibility report for the following indices. UK Pound, DAX,  S&P Cash, Euro, Gold and Nasdaq.  A Traders compatability chart is only $5 per indice . You will be shocked at the results.




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