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August 2013


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Saturday 3rd August 2013
Saturday 10th August 2013
Saturday 17th August 2013
Saturday 24th August 2013
Saturday 31st August 2013

Saturday 3rd August 2013

Optimistic Jupiter makes square aspect to Big business Pluto

Late Wednesday evening/Thursday morning at 23.46pm GMT  Jupiter makes the much awaited 1st of 3 squares to Pluto, in a weak T Square with Uranus. The intensity of the orb decreases until we reach Round 3 in April 2014.  But we may get a flavour of what is to come on Wednesday 7th August.

Round 1 Jupiter 180 Pluto 07 Aug 2013 23.46PM GMT (T Square orb of 2.9 degrees)
Round 2 Jupiter 180 Pluto 31st Jan 2014 09.16am GMT (T Square orb of 2.1 degrees)
Round 3 Jupiter 180 Pluto 20th Apr 2014 23.46PM GMT (T Square orb of 0.1 degree!)

Whilst it is not always as clear cut, the Square between Jupiter and Pluto can be interpreted 2 ways, positive or negative

On a positive note corporate activity could be on the increase with Merger & Acquisitions activity, but the price paid at this time, may be not a good price for the long term investors. Pushing the markets higher on the belief of more M & A activity is to follow.

On a negative note this could weed out poorly backed institutions/markets, who may get turned down for extra credit and create mini runs on banks.

With the intensity of the orb increasing until April 2014, this will be 3 key times to watch and see how this pans out.


Saturday 10th August 2013

Just when we thought the long awaited Jupiter T square with Pluto/Uranus was over, with a little dent in the markets. Their are several more contenders to join in on the action of the coming weeks and months.
Monday 12th August we may be celebrating temporarily with a Ceres trine  to Eris, but once Ceres moves a few degrees further , it comes head bang into a 90 degree square with Sedna and 135 degrees to Pluto (90+45 = 135), whilst Jupiter is still in opposition to Pluto, Pluto also makes a 135 aspect to Sedna.  For the statisticians and back testers, Pluto 135 to Sedna occurred 3 times in the last 18 months, notably on 23rd June 2012, the height of the UK Libor rigging scandal. Currency or Equity index charts with weak Planets at 24.3 degrees in Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio may not fare so well this Tuesday/Wednesday.

Transit 1 Aspect Transit 2 Time exact Transit 1 Transit 2
Pluto 135 Sedna 28 Dec 2011 19:43 7.2 CPR 22.2 TAU
Pluto 135 Sedna 23 Jun 2012 22:42 8.4 CPR 23.4 TAU
Pluto 135 Sedna 25 Nov 2012 16:47 8.1 CPR 23.1 TAU
Pluto 135 Sedna 13 Aug 2013 13:29 9.3 CPR 24.3 TAU

The next occurrence will be in October 2013, this will be revealed to all subscribers of the "Full Moon " Newsletter, you can subscribe here

Saturday 17th August 2013

Rollercoaster ride with Grand trine, Full Moon, Ongoing Uranus Pluto battle and station of Sedna

Another exciting week is in store, with  4 major occurrences happening in the skies!, A Grand Trine, A Full Moon, the ongoing saga of Uranus Pluto and the retrograde station of Sedna.
The Grand Trine begins the week although it becomes exact on Sunday morning  when expansive Jupiter Trines The Node, the third player in the Grand Trine is Chiron forming a Trine to Jupiter on Wednesday, GMT times below.

Jupiter 120 Node 18 Aug 2013 04:06 11.5 CAN 11.5 SCO
Jupiter 120 Chiron 21 Aug 2013 08:56 12.1 CAN 12.1 PIS

Also on Wednesday at 1.45am, we have full Moon, the good news this lunar month is this is a positive Full Moon ( see weekly review for July 22nd)

Jupiter also forms a square to Uranus on Wednesday, but with Chiron so close to Jupiter, this should negative too many of the negative vibes, that this square is anticipated to bring.

Jupiter 90 Uranus 21 Aug 2013 07:15 12.1 CAN 12.1 ARI

Finally leading into the weekend,   The Goddess of the Oceans  Sedna  will be stationing retrograde. Sedna will be stirring the waves, not only of the oceans where Hurricanes and Storms will be in abundance over next weekend.  But also Sedna has some unfinished business with the investment banking community.  Sedna will leave no stone unturned and be digging out some  missing paperwork to reveal more Financial scandals.

Saturday 24th August 2013

Grand Cross sends shudders through the Financial Markets

At the time of writing Saturday 24th August , we are still awaiting the Station direct of Sedna, which will not be good news for UK Pound later in the year, currently at 1.56. But  as we wrote last week The Goddess of the Oceans and Financial scandals Sedna  will be stationing retrograde Sunday 25th August at 06.03am.

But even bigger news is a Grand Cross of  expansive Jupiter, Destructive Pluto, Financial Venus and Revolutionary Uranus, coming together  between Saturday 25th and Tuesday 27th August.
A Grand Cross is made up of 2 oppositions and 4 Squares. Normally 1 square can be significant, but 5 at the same time, you get the drift.....
The Sunday night market session opens with Mercury (communications) in opposition Neptune (deception)
To add to the turmoil we also have slower moving (restrictive) Saturn square Juno ( A Saturn asteroid) on Monday and later that evening the ruler of the day The Sun will be in opposition to (deceptive)  Neptune.  A start of the week to watch from the sidelines........

Transit 1 Aspect Transit 2 Time exact GMT Transit 1 Transit 2
Venus 90 Pluto 24 Aug 2013 10:01 9.2 LIB 9.2 CPR
Venus 135 Sedna 24 Aug 2013 13:33 9.3 LIB 24.3 TAU
Mercury 180 Neptune 25 Aug 2013 23:12 4.0 VIR 4.0 PIS
Saturn 90 Juno 26 Aug 2013 12:33 6.7 SCO 6.7 AQU
Venus 150 Chiron 26 Aug 2013 16:13 11.8 LIB 11.8 PIS
Uranus 180 Venus 26 Aug 2013 17:56 11.9 ARI 11.9 LIB
Sun 180 Neptune 27 Aug 2013 01:43 4.0 VIR 4.0 PIS
Mercury 45 Pallas 27 Aug 2013 02:08 6.2 VIR 21.2 CAN
Venus 90 Jupiter 27 Aug 2013 21:53 13.3 CAN 13.3 LIB

Saturday 31st August 2013

Martian energy gathering pace

The one thing on everybody mind will be Syria and it's effect, not just on the markets,( especially Gold and Oil)  but on the World in general, at the time of writing we are awaiting the UN inspectors to finish their work, which is due on Sunday 1st September. This ties in nicely with planetary configurations, which will be building  from Tuesday 3rd onwards.
The Sun on Tuesday aspects both Uranus and Chiron, which signifies the Ruler of the Day (Sun) negatively aspecting Revolutionary ( Uranus) and potential losses (Chiron). Add in a Ceres opposition to Neptune the same day!
Assertive (Mars) meanwhile is gathering pace in a weak T Square with Juno and Restrictive (Saturn), A Mars/Saturn confrontation in Syria can be expected, with none of the major powers wanting to rock the boat to much, but more to Restrict further atrocities'. It's hard to say if it will be over too quickly, as the following week 8th/9th September, Mars aspects Mean Lunar Node which signifies The Public and a minor confrontation with Pluto. Whilst Saturn moves into conjunction with The Mean Lunar Node until 12th September..  To be continued.....
Times to watch for

Transit 1 Aspect Transit 2 Time exact GMT Transit 1 Transit 2
Mercury 45 Mars 02 Sep 2013 17:35 18.6 VIR 3.6 LEO
Sun 180 Chiron 03 Sep 2013 19:14 11.4 VIR 11.4 PIS
Neptune 150 Mars 04 Sep 2013 00:00 3.8 PIS 3.8 LEO
Mercury 45 Saturn 04 Sep 2013 21:42 22.5 VIR 7.5 SCO
Sun 150 Uranus 05 Sep 2013 00:28 11.7 VIR 11.7 ARI
Mars 180 Juno 05 Sep 2013 03:53 5.1 LEO 5.1 AQU
Neptune 180 Ceres 05 Sep 2013 13:17 3.7 PIS 3.7 VIR
Venus 180 Eris 06 Sep 2013 00:41 22.8 LIB 22.8 ARI
Venus 150 Sedna 06 Sep 2013 08:56 24.3 LIB 24.3 TAU
Mercury 45 Node 06 Sep 2013 14:32 25.4 VIR 10.4 SCO
Juno 150 Ceres 07 Sep 2013 22:49 4.8 AQU 4.8 VIR
Venus 135 Chiron 09 Sep 2013 00:24 26.2 LIB 11.2 PIS
Mars 90 Saturn 09 Sep 2013 11:06 7.9 LEO 7.9 SCO




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