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Astrology Lessons

Lesson 1

Daily Horoscopes and astrology yearly forecasts, fact or fiction?

We have all probably read at least one horoscope from the daily ,weekly or monthly newspapers or magazines. The Internet  and media is awash with interpretations of how the Planets and stars will effect you today or next week. But if we take a closer look at these Horoscopes,  we will come to the conclusion, that they are correct, but just not personal.

We have provided extracts from a Yearly Horoscope for 2013, published in Ebony Magazine written by Samuel F Reynolds. With some notes on what is actually happening in 2013.

Aries March 21 to April 19
With Uranus the planet of maverick, flowing strong through your sign, your still a force of nature this year.
Fact Uranus is in Aries, it arrived in July 2012 and will remain in Aries until May 2018.

Taurus April 20 to May 20
This year will offer more change than your stubborn streak can handle, but that may be exactly what needs to happen.

Gemini May 21 to June 20
Life's rollercoaster stays interesting and pushes you out of comfort zones you didn't know you was in.

Cancer June 21 to July 21
When Jupiter moves into your sign around your birthday, you can expect even bigger growth and encouragement to move ahead.
Fact Jupiter arrives in Cancer on June 26th 2013 and remains in Cancer until July 2014.

Leo July 22 to August 20
You make 2013 a trailblazing year when you let go of the frills to recapture more of your fire.

Virgo August  22 to September 20
The cosmos presents a challenge that will definitely add up to an even keener and kinder you.

Libra September 22 to October 21
You can sigh relief and get your bearings now that weighty Saturn isn't on your sign's back.
Fact Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio on  6th October 2012 and will remain in Scorpio until September 2015.

Scorpio October 22 to November 21
A simplicity unfolds in your life that allows you to accomplish more than you imagined.

Sagittarius November 22 to December 21
You don't usually get caught up in the limitations of propriety and rules, but this year is different.

Capricorn December 22 to January 20
You're presented with real growth opportunities this year that might exceed some of your usual sober expectations.

Aquarius January 21 to February 18
You regain even more of your tenacity to fight for your dreams this year.

Pisces February 19 to March 20
You discover exciting ways to feel  more "at home" than you have in recent years.

The first major limitation of Horoscopes is that they mainly deal with your Sun sign only. Although this forecast does mention 3 of the planets. The next limitation is that each Sun sign ( see Lesson 2) is further divided up into 30 degrees of the Zodiac, so as a Cancerian you may have the Sun at 1 degree Cancer  ( Birthdays 21st June) or your Sun at 26 degrees Cancer ( Birthdays July 17th).
Jupiter will effect those Cancerarians with their Sun at 1 degree Cancer June 2013, but will not arrive for those with their Sun at  26 degrees Cancer  until June 2014.

To be more precise in reading your Sun sign Horoscopes, these may be accurate for only 1 in 30 for each of the Star signs, but also will not take account any of the other 50 planets that we use in Financial Astrology. 

Which is a great shame as we would be able to predict how the stock markets reacted, if these Sun sign Horoscopes were 100% accurate 

As the following financial markets have the following Sun signs
The Euro 1st January Capricorn
The Pound 1st January Capricorn
Nasdaq 8th February  Aquarius
Dax 1st July Cancer
T Bonds 22nd August Virgo

Natal Horoscope/Natal Birthchart

Each and every day the planets are constantly moving, to give you a unique Natal Horoscope or Birthchart . If you were to take a snapshot of the sky at your birthtime.  The Position of the Planets would be captured to give you a unique Natal Horoscope or Natal Birthchart.
The Natal horoscope will be different each and every day each year. If you were born on June 26th 2013, this would be your own Natal Horoscope, with the Sun at 5 degrees Cancer, The Moon at 21 degrees Aquarius, Mercury at  23 degrees Cancer, Venus at 28 degrees Cancer, Mars at 18 degrees Gemini,  Jupiter at 0 degrees Cancer, Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio, Uranus at 12 degrees Aries, Neptune at 5 degrees Pisces, Pluto at 10 degrees Capricorn,  Chiron at 13 degrees Pisces, Ceres at 1 degree Leo, Pallas at 15 degrees Gemini, Vesta at 25 degrees Cancer, Juno at 18 degrees  Aquarius. Over the coming lessons you will be familiar with all of the planets mentioned here and many more planets. You may at this stage just want to stick to Sun signs, as Astrology gets more fascinating and complicated the more you learn.

But if you wish to learn more go to Lesson 2  the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

See below for Natal Horoscope for June 26th  2013.

Lesson 2  the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

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