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Planetary Retrogrades and Stations for 2013


Each of the Planets, Centaurs and Asteroids at times appear to go backwards in motion,  in relation to the way the Earth moves. In Astrology we refer to this motion as retrograde motion, The Sun and The Moon do not ever go Retrograde. What is more noticeable and sometimes very critical to notice during these  periods, is just prior and after the dates listed below. Mercury stations can cause delays to communications, but more often than not these are times when matters have to be redone, reviewed and gone over with a fine tooth comb. Venus retrogrades will relate to relationships and money once again having to go over the finer points of investments or relationships. The stronger and slower moving the Planets, the more force a Retrograde or Station Direct will be felt. I will go as far as to Say when Planets such as Neptune, Sedna and Uranus change direction, these can have an adverse effect on Climate and market sentiment at least 3 days either side of the Station Direct or Retrograde.


  Jan     Feb     Mar     Apr     May   Jun     July     Aug     Sep     Oct     Nov     Dec    
Mercury       R 06/02 D 28/02                   R 07/06 D 01/07                 R 04/10 D 25/10            
Venus   D 31/01                                                                  
Mars             R 01/03         D 20/05                                            
Ceres           R 27/02             D 01/06                                          
Juno                                                                     R 16/12
Pallas R 06/01             D 08/04                                                    
Vesta             R 02/03           D 27/05                                          
Jupiter             D 06/03                                                     R 08/12  
Saturn             R 02/03                     D 20/07                                
Chiron                                   R 20/06                         D 23/11      
Uranus                                         R 22/07                         D 21/12
Neptune                                 R 09/06                         D 16/11        
Pluto                       R 15/4                         D 23/09                    
Eris D 09/01                                     R 19/07                              
Sedna     D 05/02                                       R 25/08                      


R = Retrograde
D Stations Direct
Note Mars and Pallas remain direct for all of 2013

  Jan     Feb     Mar     Apr     May   Jun     July     Aug     Sep     Oct     Nov     Dec    
Mercury         R 23/2  


 17/3                 R 26/6 D 20/7               R21/10 D 10/11        
Venus                                                                     R  21 /12
Ceres     D 4/2                                                                
Juno                                 R 15/6               D 25/9                  
Vesta D 26/1                                                                    
Jupiter     D 30/1                                                       R 7/11      
Saturn         R 18/2                       D 8/7                                  
Chiron                                 R 16/6                         D 19/11        
Uranus                                       R 17/7                          D 17 /12   
Neptune                                 R 7/6                       D 13th Nov        
Pluto                     R Apr 12th                       D 20/9                    
Eris D  8/ 1                                     R July 19                            
Sedna   D 4/2                                         R Aug 25th                    

Information provided by  Moving Stars

Planetary stations and Retrogrades 2013

Mercury Retrograde 23rd February 2013, goes Direct 17th March 2013
Mercury Retrograde 26th June 2013, goes Direct 20th July 2013
Mercury Retrograde 21st October 2013, goes Direct 10th November 2013
Venus goes Retrograde 21st December 2013
Mars Remains Direct 2013
Ceres goes Direct 4th February 2013
Juno  Retrograde 15th June 2013, goes Direct 25th September 2013
Pallas Remains Direct 2013
Vesta goes Direct 26th January 2013
Jupiter goes Direct 30th January 2012, goes Retrograde 7th November 2013
Saturn goes Retrograde 18th February 2013, goes Direct 8th July 2013
Chiron goes Retrograde 16th June 2013, goes Direct 19th November 2013
Uranus goes Retrograde 17th July 2013, goes Direct 17th December 2013
Neptune goes Retrograde 7th June 2013, goes Direct 13th November 2013
Pluto goes Retrograde 12th April 2013, goes Direct 20th September 2013
Eris goes Direct 8th January 2013, goes Retrograde 19th July 2013
Sedna goes Direct 4th February 2013, goes Retrograde 25th August 2013


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