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Lesson 3

The Sun

In lesson 2 we learned how the Zodiac is broken up into 12 equal parts, now we can introduce the first planet The Sun.  The Sun moves approximately 1 degree each day, passing through all the star signs of the Zodiac during the course of a year.
For example in 2013, the Sun enters 0 degrees Aries on 20th March at 11.02am, this is also the start of Spring. Fig A
5 days later on the 25th March the Sun has moved 5 degrees to 5 degrees Aries. Fig B
On Friday 21st June at 05.03am 2013 the Sun enters 0 degrees of Cancer also known as Summer Solstice, having passed through the signs of Aries, Taurus and Gemini by that date. Fig C
By Sunday 22nd September 2013 20.44pm the Sun has passed through Cancel, Leo and Virgo to arrive at  0 degrees in Libra also known as Autumn Fig D

By The 21st December 2013 the Sun will have passed through Libra. Scorpio and Sagittarius to arrive at 0 degrees Capricorn also known as Winter Solstice Fig E . The Sun will continue it's journey  through Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, until it arrives back at 0 degrees Aries on 20th March 2014. Completing a full 360 degrees of the Zodiac.

The Sun has followed this course for many thousands of years and will continue to do so for the next thousand and more.

You may be familiar with a word you hear each year, Your Birthday, this is also known in Astrology as a Solar Return, the Sun passing back to the position it occupied on the day you were born. 

We have used an example of a Solar Return,  as we have provided Mel Gibson's Birthchart. Mel was born on January 3rd 1956 at 16.45pm US Eastern standard time. Mel in Astrology is a Capricorn with his Sun positioned at birth at 12.5 degrees Capricorn. See Fig F.  When the Sun passes over the same position as the Natal Birthchart  this is called a conjunction ( Aspects in Lesson 7)
When Mel was 20 years old on 3rd January 1976 the Sun was in 12.7 degrees Capricorn completing his 20th Solar return.  See Fig G.
When Mel will be 70 in January 3rd 2026 the Sun will be at 13.5 degrees Capricorn completing his 70th Solar Return. See Fig H

Mel will exert some of the qualities of  being Capricorn as discussed in lesson 2, but this is where Sun signs get a whole lot more complicated as we introduce many planets into the Birthdates, to differentiate between each Capricorn. As if each Capricorn could be the same!  they all have very different personalities depending on where they have all of the other planets positioned in their Birthchart.

This should explain how The Sun moves one full circuit of 360 degrees in 365.24 days . Just under 1 degree per day through the Zodiac. We can now move on to Lesson 4 The Moon.

Fig A


Fig B




Fig C


Fig D


Fig E

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Mel Gibson's Sun's Natal Chart
Fig F

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Mel Gibson's 20th Birthday
Fig G

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Mel Gibson's 70th Birthday
Fig H

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Lesson 4 the Moon


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